Tech-Savvy Jobs that Pay Handsomely

A lot of people have said that college is not the best way to expect return of interest for every money that you spent on tertiary education. Right now, the unemployment rate is very high, but at the same time there are new jobs on the market that have sprung up due to the development in technology.

Tech-Savvy Jobs that Pay Handsomely

The tech-savvy people or at least people who own a smartphone or a tablet that the biggest thing to hit the device are apps or applications. It follows easily that an App Developer position is granted one of the most lucrative ones, averaging a salary of about $90,000, because of the high technical skill it requires and the easy profit that it delivers once the app hits a great part of the consumer market.

Aside from that, Social Media Managers are also great positions to fill in, with the recent trends in companies building online presence and strengthening their reputation. These managers get paid up to $50,000 to ensure the social media factor accounted for, with FaceBook pages updated, tweets consistently being rolled out, that pictures are being uploaded in Instagram or Pinterest, and blogs are filled with great content.

Some may argue that these particular jobs only have IT graduates in mind, but there are still people who graduate at different courses yet they know that they can do these kinds of jobs by specifically learning some software,and with that, use the knowledge to get these kinds of job that pays quite well.

Do You Know the Benefits of an Online College Course?
Learning is supposed to be a never-ending process, especially when it comes to pursuing higher education. But with the fast-paced life a lot of us lead, there are always excuses waiting to be used. Most of us say that they don’thave time for that, or that their schedules don’t allow for much leeway, or that a degree is way out of the budget. Those are a lot of excuses just to do one thing that does a lot for your future and to cultivate your mind. The good thing about this is that there are now college courses that are going beyond the norm of the four walls of the classroom, yet retain the concentration of learning for a specific field.

Right now, online college courses are one of the ways you can finally go to school without leaving home or messing up your schedule. The courses you will take will allow you the flexibility you need, or prevent you from having to change your work sched as you can opt for classes at certain times that you’re free. Another advantage of opting for online classes is that you will save tons of gas money in the long run. Especially now that gas prices are soaring and driving by to a college campus is a gas-draining and time-consuming itinerary. Some important exams may need to be taken in-campus, but that doesn’t usually happen as often.

Online classes give value to your time and to your personal and work schedule as well. The classes are not overly long, as you don’t have to take notes as your professor scribbles on the board or verbally dictates lessons to you. The course already has notes made available to you. More importantly, you can select multiple classes or several courses at once. So there’s a lot more learning going on rather than more travel time or unnecessary effort to get to and from the different classes.