Accredited Online Schools – Authority and Legitimacy Issues

Accredited Online Schools

The way it is now, accredited online schools have to squarely deal with a battle, one that puts them face to face with critics who question their legitimacy and authority to operate. Opposition to their unique way of delivering their educational services with several programs is mounting. But that is understandable given the fact that the traditional method of teaching is still the methodology approved and preferred by many. Ironically, these critics are also faced with adversaries for whose welfare these critics are working – the students themselves.

This brings us to the realization that in spite of the criticisms that are hurled at accredited online schools, these special educational services will have to remain with us for a quite a long time. And that is also because these accredited online schools have legitimate reasons for them to operate.

Accredited Online Schools – Authority and Legitimacy Issues

We will have to go beyond citing the reason that is invoked by many – people are busy and accredited online schools services are the only quick and convenient solution to get a degree. Though this is the most frequent answer given to queries involving this issue, we still have to consider the kind of education one can get from accredited online schools, which is affected by numerous variables such as educational materials, psychological impact and degree of success.

Accredited online schools have better educational materials if we are to consider effective learning of lessons; this is to compensate for the physical absence of teachers. To cite an example on how this is achieved, lessons are written in different levels of difficulty so that students can deal with the easy items first before moving on to more difficult ones. And contrary to traditional school materials, the educational materials used by students of accredited online can be improved as necessary by virtue of their being electronic in nature.

The perceived absence of teachers in this kind of setting is obviously an issue. However, studies related to this contention have proven that there is no adverse psychological impact on the part of the students. In fact, these studies have concluded that students who go through accredited online schools education develop higher levels of autonomy or independence in their pursuit for knowledge.

For that, it is not surprising that graduates of accredited online schools perform better in their jobs. One study found that these graduates work in the office with minimum supervision, are creative, resourceful and have a high drive for achievement.

These reported results are very encouraging but none can be more encouraging than the ideas that are suggested by some figures. Last year, an increase of about three percent in the number of accredited online schools graduates was recorded. This is commensurate with about 4% increase that was recorded for accredited online schools enrolment, also in the same year. These figures are remarkable considering that we are in the midst of an economic turmoil.

With this reality happening in the field, it is no wonder that the issues about the legitimacy and authority of accredited online schools to operate will only be silenced and will eventually die down.