Easy to use, interactive automotive repair app that connects you with local repair shops

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Limited-Time Investment Opportunity

Exclusively available to Minnesota residents

Some of the most innovative ideas and best talent hail from the North Star State. It’s where the idea for CheckNGN was born, where our company is based, and the place we call home. Even our colors are lake blue and the gold of a certain gopher.

As we grow and expand, we want our Minnesota friends and neighbors to benefit, too. So, for a limited time, we’re offering a unique opportunity to purchase shares in CheckNGN—ONLY available to Minnesota residents. For more details, check out the link below. We’d love to have you join us.

Invest In CheckNGN

How It Works

3 Steps to Car Repairs


Input a Repair

Input your repair into the app by typing it in or taking a photo


View Bids

Submit the repair to CheckNGN’s network of shops to get competitive bids


Choose a Winner

Accept the best offer and bring your car to the winning shop for its scheduled appointment

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Car repair, made easy

We’ve heard story after story about car repairs gone wrong. People getting charged too much, paying for services they didn’t really need, or worrying that a mechanic wasn’t giving them the straight story. That’s why we created CheckNGN.

Our app allows a network of shops to bid on your repair, so you can see everything that’s available and choose the price/shop/service you want.

Quality, integrity, and transparency. Car repair the CheckNGN way.



Proactive Repair Advice

Stay on top of your car’s health and fend off potential problems

Real-Time Bidding Engine

Submit repairs and get competitive bids from CheckNGN shops


Communicate directly with shops about bids, details on the repair, questions, etc.

Repair Log

Keep all your car repair/service info in one place (which makes life easier and boosts resale value)

Ratings and Reviews

Read reviews from other CheckNGN users or write one of your own


Earn rewards to redeem on various repairs and services with participating shops

Frequently Asked Questions

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    What is your business model?

CheckNGN is an automotive service iOS app that connects users with local repair shops. Our business model is predicated on a two-way interactive bidding platform that creates transparency in price and communication for car repairs and service needs.

    CheckNGN has a private network of repair shops. Those shops are eligible to submit bids for repair jobs and establish relationships with our users, thereby increasing traffic to their shops

    When a user submits a repair to the CheckNGN network, multiple shops bid on the job, which creates pricing competition and transparency. Additionally, the app facilitates direct communication between users and repair shops, which can help a car owner develop a lasting and trusting relationship with a shop.

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    Why do you do what you do? What is your “why” or “purpose”?

    Our “purpose” (the reason CheckNGN exists) is to create greater transparency, specifically in the automotive space. We believe transparency helps build confidence, trust, and stronger relationships—things that are important for car repair, but also our daily lives. Consumers shouldn’t be subjected to frustration and worry when it comes to their cars. And at CheckNGN, we do everything we can to help them feel informed and empowered instead.

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    How can I become part of CheckNGN’s local repair network?

    Reach out to info@checkngn.com and we’ll set up an appointment to meet you.

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    How can I download the app?

    Simply visit the Apple Store to download the CheckNGN app.



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    Dave Jacobsen

    In addition to being an investor and advisor to CheckNGN, Dave is the Founder and Principal of PMG Inc., which places skilled labor all over the United States. Dave had a consulting management background with Deloitte Consulting before starting and managing his current business over the last 15 years.

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    Aaron Eggert

    Aaron is the President of iSpace Environments in Minneapolis, as well as a CheckNGN advisor and investor. His passion for seeing companies grow beyond their potential makes him an ideal partner. He is a natural connector, strategist, and visionary who will help CheckNGN scale its platform and brand.

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    Kara Buckner

    Kara serves on CheckNGN’s Advisory Board as a brand strategist. A former advertising professional and co-founder in several small businesses, she plays a pivotal role in shaping the brand and identifying key consumer insights. For 13 years, Kara worked at Fallon and partnered with the likes of Nordstrom, PBS, Citi, Purina, United Airlines, and Holiday Inn. In 2010, she launched her own consultancy and has taken on household names (Google, Target, Hostess and more) as well as newcomers across a range of categories, including healthcare, transportation, packaged goods, and automotive.

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    Paul Taylor

    Paul is beginning the eighth year of his “Fourth Career”: Fortune 500 Corporate Officer, Minneapolis-based startups, Management Consulting, and “Serial Mentor” to MN entrepreneurs. Taylor’s “fourth career” includes active business volunteer engagement with the MN Cup, Clean Tech Open, MN High Tech Association and MN Innovates. Taylor was the Midwest Region Clean Tech Open 2013 Mentor of the Year. His thirty-year career with International Milling/Multifoods included business unit (Consumer Products and Industrial Foods) senior management responsibilities and Corporate Officer positions in Sales, Marketing, General Management and Information Services.

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    Jesse Jacobsen

    After serving for 13 years in the U.S. Airforce as both an NCO and commissioned officer, Jesse is currently the Co-Vice President of Heppner’s Auto Body which serves multiple locations in the eastern metro area of Minneapolis & St. Paul. Jesse’s current role since joining the company has been to oversee the financial performance of the company, implement company goals, and direct our strategic vision. “We are currently modernizing the company by investing in new equipment, employee training and certifications, pursuing a unique mix of marketing, and diverse sales strategies to our customers. Many businesses in the auto body and collision business are resistant to change in an environment that is changing very rapidly. Vehicle technology isn’t slowing down, increased complexity and construction of vehicles, technician availability, parts procurement, insurance oversight, and how we communicate with customers has changed so much in the last 5-10 years."

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    Jon Schindel

    Jon Schindel is an attorney and partner in the SeilerSchindel law firm. Jon’s practice focuses in the area of business law, specifically corporate governance, merger/acquisition and financing transactions. In addition, Jon was an owner in his own internet startup in 2009 where his role included fundraising and developer management. Jon recognizes the value of the CheckNGN app in the marketplace as more and more people look to their mobile devices for service providers.

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    Jamie Akemann

    Highly effective, passionate, creative, results-oriented leader with over eighteen years of experience at four Fortune 200 Retailers; Advance Auto Parts, Home Depot, Office Depot and Federated Department Stores. Special Expertise in merchandising, merchandising finance, merchandising process improvement, store operations, marketing, supply chain management, developing and growing both new and existing businesses. Strong team leader, effective in motivating and leading diverse groups of employees. Good comfort level working at the highest levels of an organization offering broad perspectives on business issues and opportunities.

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    Troy DeLuca

    Looking for a change, Troy wanted to own his own business and found Steph’s Garage. He’s very excited that he’ll be able to use his IT background to participate in growing CheckNGN to become a true leader in altering the customer-provider relationship in a very positive way.

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    Tim McNiff

    Tim is a career broadcaster with experience in public relations and consulting, focusing on content creation and distribution.

Press and Appearances

This advertisement is for informational purposed only. This offering is being made under the amendment to the Minnesota Securities Act (Minnesota Statutes, section 80A.461) and is directed at Minnesota residents only. All actual offers and sales will be made through the MNvest approved portal Silicon Prairie at SPPX.IO. The Department of Commerce is the securities regulator in Minnesota.